Nabeel Sulieman

Sift Science for WooCommerce is now in Beta!


I am pleased to announce that the Sift Science plugin for WooCommerce is finally ready for beta testing! Lukas and I started this plugin over a year ago and have been working on it off and on as time permitted. But I’m happy to say that it’s now good enough for Beta testing.

Note: I work at Automattic on WooCommerce, but this is a personal side project.

What is Sift Science for WooCommerce

Sift Science for WooCommerce is a plugin that integrates Sift Science fraud detection into your WooCommerce online store. To use this plugin you need to have a WooCommerce online store and an account with Sift Science.

How Does the Plugin Work

The plugin sends order information and user behavior details to your Sift Science account which is then used to give orders scores that predict the likelihood of fraud.

What Information do you Send to Sift Science

I will eventually put together more formal information about this, but for now you’ll have to look at the code to know what data gets sent. Sorry.

What Does Beta Mean

It means that the software’s basic functionality is working. However, it hasn’t been extensively tested and there are still a few features that aren’t finished.

What Does Open Source/GPL2 Mean

It means that you’re free to copy, use and modify this software. Read here to find out more.

Don't you Work for WooCommerce

Yes, I work for an amazing company called Automattic and I work on WooCommerce. However, this is a project that began before I joined the company and is not officially linked to WooCommerce. It is a side project.

How can I Help

This is an open source project that I’ve been working on in my spare time. There are two main ways you can contribute:

  • Testers are highly welcome! If you can install this, try it out and provide feedback on bug reports that would be great!
  • If you’re a developer and would like to contribute, feel free to either contact me to collaborate or submit Pull Requests that fix specific bugs.

There will be a credits/thank you section for contributors :-)