Nabeel Sulieman

Version 1.1 Release: k8s-ecr-login-renew


I was very pleased to see this pull request created against k8s-ecr-login-renew yesterday. I think this might be the first time I've ever had a contribution to one of my projects.

The change is very valid and useful: It allows you to specify a Kubernetes namespace using a TARGET_NAMESPACE environment variable. Before this change, the code assumes that everything is in the default namespace. The code continues to work as it did before if the environment variable isn't provided, so this should not be a breaking change.

  • GitHub Release: https://github.com/nabsul/k8s-ecr-login-renew/releases/tag/v1.1
  • Docker Repo: https://hub.docker.com/repository/docker/nabsul/k8s-ecr-login-renew
  • Previous blog post: https://nabeel.dev/2020/03/22/k8s-ecr-login-renew/