Toothpaste - 2015-11-25 23:17:46

My dentist said I needed to start using a very gentle toothpaste to preserve the enamel on my teeth. He recommended a specific brand which I tried for a while. However, no matter how carefully I brushed, I noticed that stains were forming on my teeth and getting worse. Disclaimer: I am not a dentist. Proceed at your own risk. Fortunately, my mom is into trying out natural remedies, and on one visit I noticed a jar of what looked like black mud next to the bathroom sink.

Running .NET in Linux: Easier than I thought it would be - 2015-11-11 23:06:37

I like C#. Especially with the asynchronous syntax and the .NET Web API framework writing REST APIs is great. I also really like running Linux servers: open source, easy set up and administration, security, and of course price. So I went on a journey to get my .NET REST API service running on CentOS. It turns out I took the really long route, so hopefully this post will save people some time.

Hello Blog - 2015-11-02 23:05:29

I’ve thought about starting a blog for quite a while. Now that I am employed at Automattic, I think it’s really time to do it! So, welcome to my blog. I’ll be writing about random things that interest me. Frequent topics will probably be: Computers, software engineering, cloud and big data, and other nerdy things Food and cooking Health and fitness That’s just a general idea, but I’ll basically be writing about anything I’m in the mood to share.